Our database developer story

Started with one person, a computer in a Melbourne office and a database system called dBase. That was long ago…… It does mean that we have over 20 years developer and consulting experience with all types of database systems (RDMS).

MS Access database

Access first really came to prominence with version 2.0. Featuring a fully contained database system including its own programming language, AccessBasic. Our Access database projects: include HR, Finance and Inventory management systems. We consult across all versions and provide development, design, troubleshooting and maintenance.

MS SQL Server

SQL Server has been around since the early 90’s and our staff have been involved with this database since the days of BackOffice 1.0. Database work includes design, development and administration. The database consulting service we offer can look at all areas from: tables, stored procedures, views and triggers to performance testing and disaster recovery.


MySQL is a real favorite of ours, as it supports so many of our web site projects and makes up the M in LAMP Stack. MySQL database consulting services include design and development of  tables, stored procedures, views and triggers. As with SQL Server we also offer database administration, performance testing and disaster recovery plans.

Crystal Reports

No database system is complete without the ability to report on the data and information you have stored. Crystal reports is an excellent tool to give you a snapshot of your data in matrix or graphical form. Part of our database consulting includes design, development and maintenance of Crystal Reports.

Database consulting tools

The database development team use the following  tools

  • MS Visual Studio
  • SQL Management studio
  • BCP
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Crystal Reports
  • MySQL Workbench
  • MS Access VBA
  • Synergetic (for educational sector)

For all database consulting

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